“This product has helped me significantly.  I have not experienced such success in clearing this ugly flushing with any other product.”

“This skin lotion is a miracle.  I can’t imagine living without it!”

“I hope to continue using GentleDerm®.  It is one of very few lotions that does not sting my face.  I also have extreme sensitivity to scent, so the fact that it is unscented is very important.”

“My son has light white patches.  I have him use the lotion on the white patches and it keeps them from going red and scaly.  It works great on his face especially.”

“This lotion was amazing for my 12 year old daughter.  Nothing has cleared her scalp irritation for years, but it cleared up with GentleDerm® within a couple of weeks.”

“This lotion did a much better job of clearing up chronic dry, scaly patches on my elbows than any other lotions I’ve tried.”

“Love GentleDerm® lotion.  It is a wonderful, smooth lotion, and I feel so comfortable using it.  I don’t have to worry about putting it all over my arms, legs and face.  All other “natural” lotions have eventually caused some sort of reaction on my skin.  I live in Chicago suburbs and during the winter months, my skin is very dry and itchy.  I am so grateful I can frequently use GentleDerm® for these months, as well as a great moisturizer for all the other seasons.”

"As a nurse and a patient, myself, I am very excited to have a product designed for my skin needs,"

"Don't leave home without it."